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6 Important Lessons From My First 6 Model Car Kit Projects – Lesson 4 Tamiya Toyota Supra

Tamiya Toyota Supra – Project 4

Project 4 – Tamiya Toyota Supra

After hearing the praise which I’d heaped on the Tamiya model which I’d worked on in Project 3, my wife treated me to another kit by the same manufacturer.  With no disrespect intended to the good old Supra, this project was never going to yield the same level of “wow” factor as the gorgeous Mercedes 300sl, but it was again a nice kit to work with, and lived up to what I hoped would be Tamiya’s usual standards.

The engine compartment was nice to work on, and looked good when finished.

The interior wasn’t particularly detailed, and in retrospect I could have perhaps gone for a more adventurous colour than black for the exterior, but it again gave me the change to try aerosol paints, and although the finish isn’t anything like some of the gleaming examples I have seen online or on Youtube, it doesn’t look to bad.

The end product was rather like the actual Supra itself (although obviously 1/24 of the scale),  nothing to write home about in comparison to glamour cars like the Mercs, but a nice steady build on which to further develop skills such as fine detail acrylic painting.

Most important lesson learned :

  • Don’t be afraid to be a bit more adventurous with your colour schemes, and don’t expect every project to be a classic !  
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