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6 Important Lessons From My First 6 Model Car Kit Projects – Lesson 5 Revell BMW i8

Project 5 – Revell BMW i8

Project 5 – Revell BMW i8

This was my first Revell kit, and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it.

This, I thought to myself, will be the one to compete with the Mercedes 300sl.  

With it’s smooth, modern lines, this kit is beautiful.  It went together nicely,  and certainly gave the Tamiya kits that I had used a run for their money.  One part was too short in the box (very odd, but Revell sent me a replacement free of charge once I told them what the issue was).

My problems with this kit were that I could never get the external  finish as glossy and smooth as I’d dreamed of (my fault – not the kit’s), and once again my stick fingers managed to smear the clear gloss windscreen.  When will I learn ?  

The problem with the external paint caused me to start researching about getting a (proper) airbrush.  I will deal with my airbrush stories in another blog (I bet you can’t wait, can you ?), but even with my nearly acquired airbrush I still couldn’t get the pristine finish which I’d envisaged when I first bought the kit.  I even stopped using tap water to mix dilute the acrylic paints for the airbrush, and migrated to good old Tamiya x-20 A thinner, which definitely made a bit of a difference.  Its hard to explain why, but it seems to mix better, and results in a slightly better dried finish (less stippled)

Without wishing to be defeatist, I maybe set my sights a little high with this kit in terms of what I imagined it would look like in the end.  Looking at the above photo, it really doesn’t look that bad (if you don’t look too long at the windscreen).

Most important lesson learned :

  • Thinners do give a better finish than just tap water
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