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6 Important Lessons From My First 6 Model Car Kit Projects – Lesson 3 Tamiya Mercedes 300sl

Tamiya Mercedes 300sl – Project 3

Project 3 – Tamiya Mercedes 300sl

I saw this kit in the shop, and just had to have it.

Looking for all it’s life like the classic James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (which it clearly isn’t) I figured that even I, with my penchant for paint the consistency of porridge which has been left laying around for a few days, couldn’t make this lovely vehicle look anything other than fantastic.

And amazingly, I was right.  To date it remains my favourite project by some way, and I still can’t believe that I made it.

It took me ages – but it was worth every moment.  The kit was of a quality which far exceeded what I’d experienced previously from Airfix and Italieri (the parts fitted together far better), and that lovely grey flecked finish on the bodywork also represented my first attempt at spray painting.  Yes the aerosol can stank the room out (always use sprays in a well ventilated room !), and I had to keep out of my wife’s way for a week or two after the spraying was done (never spray in your dining room – even if well ventilated !) but when I looked at the finished result, I finally felt that I was getting somewhere.

I very nearly got to the end without any major mistakes, but then split part of the side ventilation grill (although I was able to mend it without any trace of my clumsiness) and again got glue on the clear plastic window sections.  I could have cried, but the way that the rest of the model looked on completion meant that I could kind of squint and just pretend that the windows were just a bit grubby.

Most important lesson learned :

  • Don’t lose faith.  You learn a little bit from each project you work on – and you can soon start producing results which you can be proud of !
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