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6 Important Lessons From My First 6 Model Car Kit Projects – Lesson 1 Airfix Mini Cooper

Airfix Mini Cooper – Project 1

Project 1 – Airfix Mini Cooper

Well we all have to start somewhere don’t we – and this little beauty  (an Airfix Mini Cooper) is where my obsession with making model cars started (and could quite easily have finished – but more of that below).

This little project (and at 1/32 scale it is quite little) was intended to soothe my fevered brow and relieve my executive stress.  As you will see from the above picture – nobody had told me that you had to add water or any kind of diluting fluid to the acrylic paints which I’d purchased, along with my first set of brushes.  As a result, the word “lumpy” does rather spring to mind doesn’t it ?  Hard to believe, but I never actually completely finished this model, due to the fact that I couldn’t get over how bad the paint looked (especially on larger flat surfaces), and the fact that (no doubt due to my complete inexperience more than anything else) the internal roll-bar cage was slightly too big, meaning that (despite filing it down to within an inch of it’s life) I could never quite get the body to fit onto the base. If you look carefully at the front wheel arch – you can see that the body sits proud of the base.

To date this is the only Airfix model which I have personally tried, and had I read reviews online before I purchased it, I may not have bothered.  The general view seems to be that a lot of their moulds are perhaps past their best, and the parts on the spruces lacking the accuracy and sharpness of most of the other model car kit manufacturers.  But it got me started, and despite nearly throwing it in the bin when my upteenth attempt at getting the roll-bar cage to fit still didn’t work, it obviously gave me the bug, and a determination to do better next time.

Most important lesson learned :

  • Never use acrylic paints straight out of the pot !
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